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    Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

    Last updated 11 months ago

    Did you know that the air quality inside of your home can be just as bad for your health as the air outside of your home? In order to reduce toxins in your living space and to reduce your risk of developing respiratory problems, it's important that you control air quality year round. In the summer, you can cut down on moisture by installing a dehumidifier, while a humidifier is the device to have on hand during the excessively dry winter months.

    Other strategies for improving your home's indoor air quality include installing carbon monoxide and radon detectors, using candles instead of plug-in air fresheners, and replacing toxic cleaning products with greener alternatives. Check out the video featured here to learn even more about enhancing your home's indoor environment.

    The experienced professionals here at Crystal Clear Window Washing of Chicago can help you achieve a clean and healthy indoor environment with our air duct cleaning and air conditioning unit cleaning services. To schedule one of these services or to learn more about the benefits that they have to offer, call us at (773) 942-6765.

    How Rain Affects Your Dirty Windows

    Last updated 12 months ago

    If you are hesitant to get your windows washed out of concern that they'll quickly become dirty again after the next rainstorm, you can set your fears aside. Contrary to popular belief, rain water does not actually disturb the appearance of clean windows. To learn what we mean, read on and find out how rain affects your dirty windows:

    Total Dissolved Solids
    In order to understand the ways in which rain affects your dirty windows, it's important to know a thing or two about TDS, or total dissolved solids. This term is used to describe the solids in water that cause it to leave behind spots on a surface. On its own, rainwater has a very low concentration of TDS, which means that it should not theoretically leave behind marks on a window. However, if your windows are dirty to begin with, then the small amount of TDS will leave behind a larger mess than expected.

    Frequency of Cleaning
    The best method for keeping TDS from disturbing the appearance of your windows is to keep the glass clean. You should treat each of these fixtures around your home or office to a window washing service roughly every two to three months. Once your window cleaning team has eliminated surface stains and other debris like pollen, dust, and dirt from the windows, solids in the rainwater will have less to grab onto.

    Methods for Window Cleaning
    You may be surprised to learn that glass is in fact a porous substance. That's just one of the many reasons why it needs to be thoroughly cleaned using effective techniques. Before hiring a company for window washing surfaces, ask about the methods they employ to keep rainwater from staining windows. A reliable professional will always have eco-friendly cleaning solutions, squeegees, and other essential items on hand to get the job done right the first time.

    If you would like to learn more about the ways in which rainwater affects your windows, speak with the window cleaning team at Crystal Clear Window Washing. During our years of service, we've helped over 10,000 Naperville area customers achieve a cleaner, healthier, and more attractive environment in their home or commercial space. Call (773) 942-6765 to learn more about our residential and commercial window washing services.

    Reasons to Choose Crystal Clear Window Washing

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Founded in 1999, Crystal Clear Window Washing has had nearly 15 years to establish its reputation as one of the Chicago area’s premier window washing companies. If you are in the market for a professional window washer and are trying to decide who you can trust to get your windows squeaky clean, there are several reasons why hiring us is a good choice.

    First off, we do not discriminate when it comes to serving the community. We take on commercial, residential, and industrial projects, regardless of how clean or dirty the windows are. We also offer gutter cleaning, power washing, air duct cleaning, and painting services, something that can simplify the search for structural cleaning professionals on your end and save you money. If you are not convinced yet, consult a member of our team and determine for yourself what you think of our timeliness and professionalism, two qualities for which we are renowned.

    At Crystal Clear Window Washing, we love what we do and we love the reactions that our customers display when they see the results of our work. To arrange to have us clean your gutters or make your building’s windows and siding look the best they have since you first moved in, call (773) 942-6765.

    Professional Washing Services Offered by Crystal Clear Window Washing

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Have you ever wondered how two buildings—built at the same time in the same style and erected right next to one another—can look so different from each other? The answer to this conundrum typically lies in the variance in care that the buildings’ respective owners give their properties over time. Building exteriors are exposed to rain, snow, wind, sun, and other elements that will take a noticeable toll on a building over time if upkeep is not made a priority. Knowing that many property owners have neither the time nor the equipment to clean their building exteriors the way that professionals can, Crystal Clear Window Washing offers the following services to homeowners and businesses in the Chicago area.

    Window Washing
    “Window washing” is in our name, and it is a task we excel at. Our highly skilled window washing professionals use the best equipment available and have accumulated so much experience that they can leave your windows spotless in an impressively efficient manner.

    Gutter Cleaning
    Not only do clogged gutters that are ignored for too long need to be replaced, but their lack of functionality can also lead to extensive damage of a building’s roof or walls.

    Power Washing
    Of all the services we offer, pressure washing is the one with the capacity to make the greatest difference in a building’s exterior. By spraying your building with high-pressure water, we can loosen debris and make your building look almost new again. No chemicals are used during the process, making it not only quick but environmentally friendly as well. By the time we have power washed your entire home, or business, it will look nearly as good as new!

    Regardless of whether your cleaning needs are residential, commercial, or industrial, Crystal Clear Window Washing can meet them. We pride ourselves on providing thorough, first-rate cleaning services at competitive prices. To learn more about what we can do to make your building exterior look its best, give us a call today at (777) 649-4642.

    How Crystal Clear Window Washing Can Meet All of Your Needs

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Serving residential and commercial property owners in Naperville and its Chicagoland environs, Crystal Clear Window Washing is the best choice you can make when choosing a window cleaning professional. To get a feel for our commitment to service and the work we can carry out on your home or business, check out this brief video advertisement.

    In addition to window washing, we offer a wide range of heavy duty cleaning services. One thing that many of our regular customers love about us is that they can call us to clean their gutters, power wash their exterior walls, and clean their windows all in a day’s work. We also offer professional interior and exterior painting services.

    Is your home or business in need of air duct cleaning or exterior washing services? To learn more about our specialties or arrange a service visit with one of our experienced and courteous home improvement contractors, call Crystal Clear Window Washing at (773) 942-6765.

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